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London Taxi Cab International LTI - TXI -TX2 - TX4 - Black Cab - Metro Cab

London taxi cab mileage correction - Black Cab, LTI, TX1, TX2, TX4

We are one of a handfull of companies that can correct the mileage on the London Taxi Cab LTI, LT2 , LT4 and the Metro Cab, black cab. All of our work is carried out on site which means you will not be without the use of your vehicle.
This could happen for example if:
The vehicles battery has become discharged and the car had to be jump started.
The dashboard may develop an electrical fault.
The dashboard may have been damaged in an accident or through vandalism.
The speedo may have failed and you were forced to replace it with a new or second-hand unit.
This in turn causes the wrong reading to be displayed on your mileometer and will make selling your car very difficult. If the new mileage reading is low then the purchaser may think you have clocked the speedo. If the reading is high then the value will be lower. This is where we can help by re programming the onboard chip with the correct data.
Our Digital mileage Correction
We offer a professional service using the very latest hand held equipment specifically designed for mileometer correction. Some of our competitors use cheap / downloaded PC based software which can wipe all the information off the memory chip on your dashboard including additional information, such as chassis number / VIN. number. Our equipment leaves all other information intact.

Now available TX4 2011 onwards with blue display
TX4 2011 onwards with blue display.

Mileage Correction in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, London and Essex

We can carry out digital mileage correction on Black Cabs - Most London Taxi Cabs including TXI, TX2, TX4 and the Metro Cab

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